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Caring for Your Cutting Board

To maintain your cutting board and to prevent warping and cracking, we recommend hand washing with a mild soap and pat dry. Your cutting/charcuterie board is NOT dishwasher safe. 

If your board appears dull or dry, season it with mineral oil, or your preferred cutting board wax/oil. Seasoning your board will assist the wood pores to keep moisture and prevent warping. By doing this, you will also bring out the natural colour of the wood once again.

Should your board warp, the following technique will aid in leveling it out again: Wet the board on both sides for a few minutes, then place on a clean and level surface. Place something of weight on top of the board. Let it sit overnight, or until the board is dry. Then apply oil of choice on all sides to rehydrate the pores. 

Maintaining care of your board with the above recommendations increases its longevity.