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DrinkO, Nailed it


I will do my best to have couple of more of the DrinkO avaible for Chistmas.

This will be a significant addition to any man cave, bar, or game room.

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Plink and drink to your heart’s content, by making it a night to remember. With the customized chalk board, the rules could be endless. Your friends will talk about your party for years. This version is all nails, and made from solid wood. You can play on a table or mount to a wall. With the magnets on the bottom you can later see, where most of the caps have fallen.

The DrinkO game also comes with, two screws and wall anchors. This version does not come with a chalk marker.

I have placed a 20 % discount on the DrinkO game, because I just discovered I made a minor mistake. The dividers are 3/4 inches higher then they should be at the bottom were the magnets are, because of this there was a small chance that a cap would be caught on the bottom row, not landing on the magnets. So what I have done is removed 3 nails on the last row to prevent this from happening. Also there is 1 small mark on the plexiglass, that was received in that condition. I do apologize for this, I do strive to make quality products, for many years of enjoyment.



Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 20 cm