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Yard Dice


Modelled after a popular table top game, how about tossing some larger sized die while hanging out in the yard with family and friends.


It is in the detail, all dice are hand sanded, with round corners for playability and durability.
Now you can choose your dice, from solid red cedar with popular wood for the numbers, or solid red cedar with drilled holes and then painted numbers. Or you can pick the Extra Large solid premium pine dice with drilled holes. Each set includes: five dice, two laminated scorecards a metal bucket to toss and store the dice.

Each red cedar dice is 3 1/2 inches cube. All cracks are filled with epoxy.

Premium pine dice is 3 3/4 inch cube. There are no cracks

Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 25 cm
Dice Option

Extra Large Dice 3.75”, Laminated Game Cards, Solid Dice, Painted, Solid Dice, Poplar